About me

On YouTube, I create videos about mashups, trailer mashups, showing my ideas, et cetera.

My favorite logos

Dream logos

NOTE: These aren't real logos, or logo variations.


Used from April to August.



Smashup Mashups! Channel icon NEW!.png

2015 (concept)

This was supposed to be the one for 2017 to replace the second, but was scrapped.


This consist of the same font texts from the previous icon logos with the Cartoon Network characters. Also, the 'ups' in the word "Mashups" is black as the 'mash' part.

May-July 2018

The major difference on the current version is that the word "Mashups" is now orange, the same color as "Smashup".


July 2018-2019

This image was used as the primary icon on the YouTube and Tumblr account.


The current icon resembles the logo from 2018, but has a higher quality.

The icon was changed after the user retired his caricature for an original character to serve as his mascot.

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