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Hello. My name is TheRobloxGuy9009, you can also call me TRG9009.

I like to help out Logopedia a lot, and I visit this wiki daily.

I have joined Logopedia back in 2018 and became an administrator on August 9, 2020.

My favourite logos


TRG9009.png• (Wanna talk?)•(See what I've done over the years!) 09:51, August 19, 2020 (UTC)

Logo History

2019 (proposed)

RobloxGuy9009 logo (PERSONAL LOGO).png

When I was trying to make my first signature, I wanted to make one in the ROBLOX logo style. This was scrapped due to my PFP being the GameCube logo.

2019 (failed signature)

TheRobloxGuy9009 Signature.png

In July of 2019, TheRobloxGuy9009 attempted to make his signature, but instead messed up his signature format, resulting in a red link. This is the logo he wanted to use back then.



As of 2020, his signature currently works now.

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