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Welcome to my page (if you’re visiting). I mainly edit for media and (occasionally) edit for other topics including:

Television: (examples: CBS, Syfy, Nickelodeon, Telefe and UPN)
Film: (examples: 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures)
Video games (examples: PlayStation and Xbox)
Telecommunications and television providers (examples: Comcast, AT&T and DirecTV)

Other topics (example: Chris-Craft Boats)

Favorite logos

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Pages that I’m protective of

These pages are those that I’m protective of, if anything terrible happens, I’ll return them to normal.

TelefeViacom VelocityCartoonito20th Century FoxNickelodeonCBSAT&TDirecTVViacom (1971) • Comcast

Kids' WB

Created pages

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Logos I’ve designed

These logos have been converted to SVG by someone else, however the original logos shown below are my creation

Profile image variations

2019-2020 (user page introduction / signature)


Stacked variation (Used on user page, primary)

Signature Jkline06.svg

Secondary variation (Used as signature)

2019-2020 (user page introduction (2))


(Used on user page, secondary)


Inspirarion behind my profile logos

  • Old: I mainly used the AT&T and CBS symbols as the focus of my profile logos, since those two (in particular) have designs that I personally find interesting. The text below is in matching or close to matching colors to the symbols found above it.
  • New: I stacked the UPN and CBS logos on top of each other (in stacked version) and put them next to each other (in signature version)

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