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Hello! My name is Diogo Carmo, I’m 17 years old, and my artistic name is "WXDS". As my personal design brand, I created WXDS Productions. Since when I was 5, that I love logos, mainly automobile brand logos. In 2019, I found this amazing website, and I’m editing here since March 16th of that year. Currently, everytime I have free time and an avaliable computer, I contribute to Logopedia uploading my high-quality logo recriations. I also have the privilege of being one of the Logopedia Administrators since October 12th, 2020! If you need some help here, you can talk with me using my messange wall or by Discord. Thank you for visiting my userpage, and Logopedia!

For other informations, or in case of you need a logo, contact me:
Fandom - Message wall
Discord - Diogo Carmo
E-mail - wxds.productions
You can talk with me in English or Portuguese.

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Personal logos

Favourite logos


As I already explained in my presentation, I love car brand logos. I was already fascinated, both by the great variety, and by the evolution of car logos, since I was in the 1st grade, in 2010. That is why I put these logos first.

Television Channels

After car logos, I love television channels logos and their network idents.

Bands and Musicians

I love music, and I love logos, but my favorite logos of bands and musicians aren't because they made my favorite songs, but because they have very nice logos.

Football Teams

To be honest, I don't care about football, but I realy like some football teams' logos.

Restaurant Cains

I like food and that logos:


My favorite website is www.logos.fandom.com, but this are my favorite logos of the internet.

Logopedia Users' Personal Logos

There are some other users on Logopedia with very nice logos, and that are my favourite ones.

Other Logos

For other logos I like from minor groups, I decided to create this section.