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By January 1, 2006, Ushuaïa TV adopted a new logo which was a modified version of its first logo that consists of the same logo as well as the "Ushuaïa" wordmark is changing its typeface to DIN. The happened at request from regulators that the channel shouldn't use the same logo as the L'Oréal-owned cosmetics brand.[1]

However, its 2005 logo were still kept in use along with the 2006 logo, but the channel kept its 2005 look. With the channel keeping its 2005 look, the 2006 logo could be able to be used in tandem with the 2005 logo. This does so until September 11, 2010.


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On September 11, 2010, Ushuaïa TV starts using a new logo.[2]


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Ushuaïa TV used a new logo on September 21, 2012.


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On December 4th, 2019, Ushuaïa TV started using a new logo, resembling the 2005 one.

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