For the version of the channel outside the UK and Europe, see Star Bharat.


2006–2012 2012–2017 2017–2021 2021–present
2006–2012 2012–2017 2017–2021 2021–present

Utsav Bharat is the version of Disney’s Hindi general entertainment channel Star Bharat in the UK and Europe. It was renamed from Star Bharat in these regions on 22 January 2021, along with the UK, Europe and International versions of Star Gold, Star Plus and Star Vijay, which were renamed to Utsav Gold, Utsav Plus and Vijay TV, respectively. However, the names of these channels in India and other regions continue to use the Star brand. This was to prevent confusion with Disney’s new Star general entertainment brand, slated to launch in 2021 in Europe, as a hub on Disney+.

The Utsav brand is taken from Star’s existing Indian channels, Star Utsav and Star Utsav Movies.

Star One


Star One.png

The UK feed of Star One was launched on Sky in November 2006.

Star Life OK



In India, Star One rebranded to Life OK on 18 December 2011. The UK version rebranded in May 2012 to Star Life OK, with both the Star logo above and a Star wordmark below.

Star Bharat


Star Bharat International.png

Life OK rebranded to Star Bharat on 28 August 2017, with the UK and other international feeds following suit. The Bharat wordmark is in English for these feeds, as opposed to Devanagari for the Indian feed.

Utsav Bharat


Utsav Bharat logo.svg

With the renaming on 22 January 2021, a new slogan was introduced for all three channels: Entertainment Wahi, Pehchan Nayi (Same Entertainment, New Identity). The font used in the logos is the widespread Roboto font.