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Video Hits One

1985–1988 (first era)


It was originally created by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, at the time a division of Warner Communications and the original owner of MTV, and launched on January 1, 1985, in the former space of Turner Broadcasting System's short-lived Cable Music Channel.


1985–1988 (second era)


Designed by LPG/Pon, Dale Pon and George Lois.


VH1 (1987)

Designed by Scott Miller, which was on air during 1987. During the Christmas season, the "V" would be flipped upside down and topped with a star to resemble a Christmas tree.



VH1 logo 1994

In May 1994, VH1 rebranded itself as VH1: Music First, following a slight ratings decline in the early 1990s.


VH1 (1998)

The circle ring surrounding the logo was added in 1998. This logo was designed by Adams Morioka.


VH1 logo 2003

In August 2003, the network changed its focus again, dropping "Music First" from its name, and introducing a box logo.


VH1 2013

In December 2012, the network introduced a new logo that closely resembles the first VH1 logo. The logo has a "plus" sign in it to represent VH1's era saying how they are about reality television, plus that they still also show some music videos in the early morning. The logo debuted on promos in December 2012. It fully premiered onscreen on January 5, 2013.

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