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1993–present 1994 2002–2004 2004–2013 2013–present
1993–present 1994 2002–2004 2004–2013 2013–present

VOX, named after the Latin word for voice, is the second-most popular channel (after the flagship channel RTL) of RTL Deutschland, the largest German commercial broadcaster. It has used practically the same logo since its launch in 1992. VOX, along with RTL and RTL Zwei, competes against ProSiebenSat.1 Media’s three main channels, ProSieben, Sat.1 and kabel eins.

VOX has a slight skew towards female viewers. A sister channel called VOXup was launched on 1 December 2019.


Vox logo simple.svg

VOX's logo was created by Dietz & Partner in 1992 ahead of the channel's launch that occurred on 25 January the following year.[1] It is highly similar to the logo of Voice of America and 1986–1987 Fox logo and has been used, largely unchanged, ever since.


Vox logo 1994.svg

When the channel was liquidated on 1 April 1994, which is when its programming switched almost completely to movies and television series, the logo was replaced with the red circle getting bigger and the letters V and X no longer having circular cut-outs on their sides, making them entirely visible. This logo was used until 1 November that year, which is when the 1993 logo was restored, after the channel's new investor became News Corporation.


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VOX Logo 2013.svg

VOX underwent a rebranding on 11 September 2013, using the classic Frutiger font. There was another rebranding on 18 April 2018 that introduced the Euclid Circular B and ITC Lubalin Graph fonts.

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