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1999 1999-2000 2000 2000-2004 2009–2020 2020 2020-present

Viasat Xtra


Viasast xtra first 1999.png

Viasat Xtra was launched in 1999 alongside Viasat´s new sport channel Viasat Sport. Viasat Xtra´s purpose is to be a extra sports channel for special sports events which needed more channels to cover, & for pay-per-view services. This logo however was short lived.


Viasat xtra 1999.png

After few months of broadcast Viasat Xtra got a new updated logo.


Viasat xtra 2000.png

In January 2000, Viasat rebranded all their owned tv channels to have a similar look and appearance, to make the brand stronger and more whole. All their channel got a circle around and added the word "VIASAT" at the bottom. However this look for Viasat Xtra was short lived as well, only lasted for 3 months.


Viasat Xtra.svg


Viasat xtra.png

Viasat Xtra adopted a new look and logo, in the same style as the Viasat logo.

Viasat Live


Viasat live.jpeg

Viasat Xtra was briefly rebranded in 2020 for a few months as Viasat Live before its subsequent rebranding to V Sport.

V Sport Live


Vsport live.png

On 1 June 2020, Viasat Live - along with Viasat Sport (Sweden and Denmark) and Viasport (Norway) - was rebranded to V Sport. This was done after Viasat and Canal Digital (Satellite) merged into Allente. This was decided because they wanted to create their own brand and identity away from Canal Digital and Viasat.

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