1996–2014 (Sony); 2014-present (independent)


Vaio was originally an acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation, later amended to Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer in 2008.

In February 2014, Sony sold its Vaio PC business to Japan Industrial Partners, which owns 95% of the company, with Sony keeping a 5% stake. Vaio-branded computers produced since 2014 do not carry the Sony brand. Thus, forming a new company called VAIO Corporation. However, Sony Corporation continues to hold copyright trademarks for the Vaio brand and logo. In 2015, VAIO Corporation released its first VAIO laptop, the VAIO Z Canvas in Japan and US.

In October 2015, VAIO Corproation started partnering with Positivo Tecnologia to introduce their new products in Brazil. Later in 2019, they also started partnering with Nexstgo Co., Ltd. and TREKSTOR GmbH to introduce their new products in Asia and Europe.