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Vancouver Canucks logo (1970-1978)

The Canucks' first logo. A similar version of this logo is used as their shoulder patches and for their third jerseys. The original logo was designed by former graphic designer Joe Borovich .


Vancouver Canucks logo (1978-1997)

Note the logo has used similar colors over its lifespan. From 1978-1992 the colors were gold and orange. Beginning in 1992-93 they became yellow and red.



Vancouver Canucks logo (blue and red)

Deciding to go with a design to reflect British Columbia's West Coast heritage, in 1997, the team changed their logo featuring an orca splashing out of water in the shape of a "C". It's also a reference to the team's owner, Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment.



The team retained its current logo, only to change the colors back to their early years in Vancouver. On their uniforms, the team uses this logo with the name "Vancouver" above it in arched format until the 2010-20 season.


Vancouver Canucks logo

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