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1857–1983 1983–1989 1989–2003 2003–2008
1857–1983 1983–1989 1989–2003 2003–2008
2008–2013 2009–2011 2011–2020 2020–present
2008–2013 2009–2011 2011–2020 2020–present


Vauxhall 1970s.png
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Vauxhall's subsidiary Bedford used this logo, with a slight adjustment to the flag, from its inception in 1931 until it's dissolution in 1986.


Vauxhall 1980s.png
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This logo, a red box with the logo in white, was also used by Holden, as both were General Motors companies.


Vauxhall 1990s.svg

As with above, this logo and typeface were standard with Vauxhall and Holden in the 1990s, however, Holden did not change until 1994.


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Vauxhall 2008.png
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Even though this logo was used on commercials between 2008 and 2009, the badge was used on vehicles until 2021.

This logo was still used on all their vehicles until 2021 when their new models began to use the 2019 logo.


Vauxhall Logo 2013.jpeg
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This logo was only used on advertising


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This logo was only used on advertising. In 2017, GM sold Vauxhall to Groupe PSA, which it has since been part of. The logo was also shown without the wordmark.


Vauxhall 2019 (with wordmark).svg

This logo was introduced in 2019, following a rebrand of the whole Opel/Vauxhall group. The wordmark has been redrawn and redesigned slightly, making it thinner and more straight, with a simplified version of the Griffin all in red. It will appear on all models in the future, starting with the 2021 Mokka-e. The logo was not used officially until June 2020, when the logo replaced the former one across Vauxhall's websites and social media pages. In 2020, the merger of the PSA and FCA groups was announced, forming the Stellantis group, where Vauxhall and other brands will enter in 2021.

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