Venture - 1970.svg

Venture - 1970 square.svg

Venture's first logo consisted of a simple 7-striped box and text set in Anzeigen-Grotesk. Alongside this logo from the early- to mid-seventies, an alternate logo was used showing the wordmark within a white stripe of an 8-striped box. Though this alternate logo was not used for long, Venture's road signs had a similar design.


Venture 1991.svg

After 21 years of the first logo's use, The text was italicised and slightly modified.


Venture Final logo.svg

In 1995, the striped square would change to resemble the edge of a flying American flag, whereas the font would change from Anzeigen-Grotesk to a slanted Impact. By 1998, all Venture stores either closed or became Kmart or other stores afterward.