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Bell Atlantic


Bell Atlantic 1983

Verizon originally started out as Bell Atlantic, introduced during the breakup of Bell System. Bell Atlantic originally operated in the states of the Mid-Atlantic.


Bell Atlantic 1997

Verizon Communications



In June 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired GTE Corporation, and merged to become Verizon Communications (a combination of the Latin word "veritas" (meaning "truth") and "horizon"), or simply, Verizon.

The first Verizon logo, created by Landor Associates, has been universally panned by the graphic design community, and is often regarded one of the worst logos ever made. The white version of this logo still exists on some items such as phone cards, while the logo itself continues to be used on their buildings and payphones.



Verizon introduced a new logo designed by Pentagram on September 2, 2015, phasing out the red "z" and moving the checkmark next to the "n". Sometimes, only the checkmark is used.

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