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Viacom (1971) Viacom (1976) Viacom (1990)
1971–1976 1976–1989 1990–2005


Viacom (1971)

Viacom began as CBS Enterprises Inc. in 1952. It would later be renamed as Viacom.

This logo uses the Peignot font and is nicknamed the "Pinball" logo because of its electronically-produced logo sounder being described by many as being akin to the sounds of a pinball machine.


Viacom (1976)

In 1976, the first variation of this logo was nicknamed the "V of Doom" due to it coming off as unsettling to many viewers. Eventually, in 1986, the "V of Doom" logo was replaced with a much calmer variation, nicknamed the "V of Happiness" and "V of Steel".


Viacom (1990)

On January 1, 1990, for the first time in 13 years, the stylized "V" symbol was retired in favor of a new logo. The logo was nicknamed the "Wigga Wigga" logo. The logo was designed by design firm Chermayeff & Geismar, of which has also designed for NBC, PBS, Showtime, Univision, WGBH, & Screen Gems, among others. It was used for the Paramount Pictures logo's byline until 2010, even after the logo for the new Viacom was introduced.

On December 31, 2005, Viacom split into two companies: the second Viacom and CBS Corporation. The original Viacom was folded into CBS Paramount Television (now CBS Television Studios), but its logo can still be seen during reruns of classic shows. CBS now owns any and all copyrights and distribution rights to any programming from Viacom Productions via CBS Studios Productions, LLC, a holding company between CBS Television Distribution and Paramount Television. The original Viacom went defunct on January 3, 2006.

CBS Enterprises Inc.
CBS Corporation (Original)
Viacom International
CBS Corporation
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