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2005 (pre-launch)

Viacom 2005 proto
Designer:  Joe Finocchiaro
Typography:  Handel Gothic (modified)
Launched:  2005


Designer:  Joe Finocchiaro
Typography:  Handel Gothic (modified)
Launched:  January 3, 2006

On December 31, 2005, the first iteration of Viacom (launched in 1971) was broken up into two companies, both under National Amusements: the second iterations of Viacom and CBS Corporation, a move which was completed on January 3, 2006. The cable networks and its Paramount Pictures film studio were spun out into this iteration, with the first iteration being relaunched as a second CBS Corporation.

The second merger between Viacom and CBS Corporation, creating the combined company ViacomCBS, was made official and announced on August 13, 2019; the merger was finalized on December 4, 2019, where it superseded CBS Corporation's place. On February 16, 2022, ViacomCBS was relaunched as Paramount, effectively retiring the Viacom name after over 50 years (excluding Viacom18, ViacomCBS EyeQ and ViacomCBS Digital Studios).

As of 2022, the wordmark is still used by Viacom18.

Viacom International
Viacom (2006–2019)