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1979-1994 1995-1999 2000-2012 2012-present

Victorian Football Association


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At the end of the 1994 VFA season, the VFA was formally disbanded, and it's on-field competition was transferred to the Victorian State Football League (VSFL) – a body which had been set up two years earlier by the Australian Football League (AFL) to manage and oversee football at all levels in Victoria.

Victorian Football League


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The VFA name was retained for the on-field competition during its first season under VSFL administration in 1995. However, the VFA logo was replaced in favour of bringing in the VFL logo previously used by the AFL prior to 1990 (when it was known as the Victorian Football League), albeit with an updated colour scheme. The VSFL officially renamed the on-field competion under the VFL banner in 1996.


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Following the end of the 1999 VFL season, the VSFL was succeeded in an administrative capacity by Football Victoria (now AFL Victoria), who merged the VFL and AFL Reserves competitions into a single competion, while retaining the VFL name. The logo was updated prior to the 2000 VFL season, reverting to the colour scheme of original 1975-1989 VFL/AFL logo.


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