2007–2013 (iPod Touch), 2010–2013 (iPad), 2011–2013 (iPhone)[]


This logo was used from iOS 5 to iOS 6 for iPhone users, iPhone OS 1.1 to iOS 6 for iPod Touch users and iPhone OS 3.2 to iOS 6 for iPad users.

2013–2016 (United States), 2013–2017 (international), 2013-2019 (China)[]

IOS Video
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The app was merged with the Apple TV app on iOS 10.2 in the USA. Other regions retained the Videos app until September 2017 (except China, where iTunes store and Apple TV service still unavailable due to local restriction) with the release of iOS 11.

2019-present (China)[]

September 2019[]

Apple TV (iOS) 2019 (1)

Following the launch of iOS 13.0, China, the last country that keeps Videos app due to iTunes Store and Apple TV service unavailable in the country, update the app logo to the same logo that used on Apple TV in other regions.


Apple TV (iOS) 2019

The logo was updated once again on iOS 13.1 to match other region's Apple TV logo.

Apple TV (except China)