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2016 (prelaunch) 2016-2019 2019-present
2016 (prelaunch) 2016-2019 2019-present

Vijay Super is a Tamil movie channel in India. Launched on 25 August 2016 as an entertainment channel, it was repositioned as a movie channel on 10 March 2019. Its competitors include K TV and Zee Thirai, as well as Raj Digital Plus, Mega 24 and J Movie.

2016 (prelaunch)




Vijay Super was launched on 25 August 2016 as a secondary general entertainment channel to complement Star Vijay.


Star Vijay Super 2019.png

Vijay Super became a movie channel on 10 March 2019, and changed its logo accordingly. Star has converted secondary entertainment channels to movie channels in the past, namely Asianet Plus, Star Maa Gold and Star Suvarna Plus.

However, unlike Telugu and Malayalam, where Star already had full-fledged movie channels (Star Maa Movies and Asianet Movies, respectively), Star did not have a dedicated Tamil movie channel until this rebrand.

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