For the version of the channel in India, see Star Vijay.

Vijay TV is the version of Star Vijay, the Tamil-language general entertainment channel of Star India, that airs in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It was renamed from Star Vijay on 22 January 2021, on the same day that the UK and Europe versions of Star Plus, Star Gold and Star Bharat, respectively, were renamed to Utsav Plus, Utsav Gold and Utsav Bharat.

However, it is not unusual to refer to the Indian Star Vijay as Vijay TV.

Star Vijay


See the main Star Vijay page.

Vijay TV


Vijay TV logo.svg

With the renaming on 22 January 2021, a new logo was introduced. The font used in the logos is the widespread Roboto font used by Google.