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Virgin Australia is the second-largest airline in Australia after flag carrier Qantas. It was founded in 2000 as Virgin Blue, a low-cost carrier, and rebranded to Virgin Australia in May 2011 after its merger with V Australia and Pacific Blue.

Virgin Blue


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Virgin Australia was launched as Virgin Blue on 31 August 2000, with two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, one leased from then-sister airline Virgin Express.

Virgin Australia


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Virgin Australia before launching used a different logo, Virgin Atlantic "style" before realising that this logo could be mistaken with V Australia's logo.


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On May 4, 2011, the former Virgin Blue revealed its new name, Virgin Australia, as well as its new livery. Pacific Blue and V Australia were folded into the new Virgin Australia brand, following an agreement with Virgin Atlantic shareholder Singapore Airlines, which ever since the establishment of Virgin Blue in 2000 had previously prohibited use of the Virgin brand outside Australia.


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A slightly modified logo was introduced for Virgin Australia in 2013. The company entered voluntary administration in April 2020, after having their services crippled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In September 2020, creditors approved of the airline's sale to Bain Capital.


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In the second half of July 2022, a modification of the Virgin Australia logo began appearing on the airline's website. It is similar to the previous Virgin Australia logo however the 3D gloss effect has been removed, and the Emblem's colours have been inverted so that it is now white text on a red background, rather than red text on a white background. As of August 2022, the old logo is still being used in conjunction with the new logo.