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1958–1976 1976–1992 1992–1999 1999–2005 2005–2014 2014–present
1958–1976 1976–1992 1992–1999 1999–2005 2005–2014 2014–present




Visa was originally launched in the United States in 1958 as BankAmericard, by Bank of America. The card was also licensed to banks in other countries, with each using localized brand names. In 1966, it was launched in the UK as Barclaycard, 1967 in France as Carte Bleue, and in 1968 in Canada as Chargex.




In 1976, all BankAmericard licensees were united under the new Visa brand. This logo kept the old BankAmericard colors and proportions.


Old Visa Logo.svg

This logo is still used on new infomercials for certain products.


Visa 2000.svg

Changes in hue and narrowing of the color bands. The text is now in a slightly different font.



Visa 2006.svg

In 2005, Visa changed its logo, removing the horizontal stripes in favor of the name Visa in blue with a gold flick on the 'V'. The text itself was also modified being a little less italicized and the top left corner of the 'A' was rounded.


Visa 2014.svg

In 2014, Visa debuted an updated version of logo removing the gold wedge leaving the logotype in gradient blue. The gold and blue stripes were restored as branding on the acceptance marks for Visa cards and advertising, but not as the corporate logotype.

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