Viva TV is the current incarnation of channel 11 of the Lima capital that started as a musical sub-channel of RBC (channel 11.1 in HD) and later changed its name, since the rights to the RBC name are owned by Ricardo Belmont Casinelli and using the name of the eponymous online radio.

November–December 2018

Viva TV prototipo.svg

When the name was released, the logo was similar to that of its counterpart Viva FM, but the "fm" was changed to "TV".


Viva TV.svg

Then, in December 2018, the name of the main channel 11 changed to Viva TV and a logo was made that was up to it.

This consists of the letters "Viva" in colors fuchsia, ice blue and light orange gradients, with cuts in both "V" and with parts fuchsia and ice blue and at the top right, the letters "TV" in gray and small.

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Viva TV