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1984–1998 1998–2000 2000–2006 2006–present

Générale des Eaux


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Vivendi (first era)


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Vivendi was created in 1998 from what used to be the Compagnie générale des eaux, an industrial conglomerate, which was transformed into a media company.

Vivendi Universal


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In 2000, Vivendi purchased Seagram, which included Universal Studios and Universal Music Group. The company's name was then changed to Vivendi Universal.

Vivendi (second era)


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On October 8, 2003, Vivendi Universal agreed to merge its Vivendi Universal Entertainment subsidiary (excluding Universal Music) with General Electric's NBC, to form NBC Universal with the deal being closed on May 12, 2004. Until January 2011, Vivendi owned 20 percent of NBC Universal. In 2006, to reflect Vivendi Universal's reduced interest in Universal, the name was reverted back to simply Vivendi.

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