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2003–2012 2012–2016 2016–present



Vivo 2003.svg
Designer:  Wolff Olins
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Officina Serif

On April 13th, 2003, the local mobile telecommunications companies owned by Telefónica and Portugal Telecom in Brazil merged, under the Vivo ("alive", in Portuguese) brand (In 2010, PT sold its stake in Vivo to Telefónica). Originally, the logo, designed by Wolff Olins, could be blue, red, green or yellow. Yellow was later replaced with orange, and purple was added later.


Designer:  Asia Branding
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Vivo Regular (custom-designed)
Officina Serif

On April 15th, 2012, a 3D version of the wordmark, designed by Asia Branding (spun off from, then re-merged into Omnicom-owned advertising agency Africa, Vivo's agency of record since the launch of the brand), used in purple, blue, green or orange (red had limited use, such as a co-branded credit card with Santander). The mascot remains in use, currently also used as a 2D design element, as well as its usual 3D versions.
This logo is used to represent the Telefónica activities in Brazil at the corporate level since the Vivo brand is used for Telefónica's services in that country.


Vivo logo 2016.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Custom-designed (logo)
Vivo Regular (custom-designed)
Officina Serif

In 2016, the Vivo brand identity was refreshed (by Lambie-Nairn, now part of Superunion), the 3D wordmark was retired and purple was consolidated as the main color for the Vivo branding, with lilac, pink, orange, green and blue as secondary colors.

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