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Volkswagen (1937)

This is what the logo looked like before World War II commenced.


Volkswagen (1939)

The logo was modified prior to World War II.



Volkswagen (1945)

The logo is now a circle with the VW of the previous logos retained. The logo was modified after World War II.


Volkswagen 1960

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The logo was made black and was contained within a square.


Volkswagen 1967

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The logo dropped the square and became azure in color.


Volkswagen (1978)

The colours of the previous logo were inverted.


Volkswagen (1989)

The logo used during this time period was a colored version of the 1945 logo. The V was brought closer to the W and the outer ring of the logo became thinner.


Volkswagen (1995)

The logo is now a darker shade of blue than before. Some minor modifications were made to the logo itself, such as making the outer ring thicker.


Volkswagen (1999)

The 1995 logo was slightly modified to have a blue gradient. This logo only appeared on promotional material and was used as a testbed for the 2000 logo.




The logo received a semi-3D look to update itself for the new millennium.


Volkswagen (2010)

In 2010, Volkswagen got a new logo which became slightly modified into fully 3D.


Volkswagen logo 2012

In 2012, Volkswagen introduced an alternate version of the current logo, with the silver lettering appearing to have a shine, as well as the reflection from the 2000 logo (see above) reinstated. The then-current logo was unveiled on September 4, 2012, with the world premiere of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 in Berlin. Still being used in Europe and other countries, as well as the official website.

2019–present (United States)

Volkswagen Mid2019

On 5 June 2019, Volkswagen refreshed their logo as a 2D black-and-white version of their 1945 logo. This variant debuted in a TV commercial where the company acknowledges the 2015 emissions scandal and launches its entry into electric vehicles. They used the P.R. disaster as a pivot towards the dramatic change with the tagline In the darkness, we found the light. The logo appears at the end of the spot. The new logo was implemented on Volkswagen's social media in the United States, but it is unknown whether the logo will be short-lived as the actual revamped Volkswagen logo launched in September in the same year.

2019 (upcoming)

Volkswagen 2019

In July 2019, it emerged that Volkswagen is planning a more substantial revamp of their logo, following their current refresh in June. The new logo debuted on jerseys for German football club VfL Wolfsburg[1] and Canadian football clubs HFX Wanderers FC and Pacific FC.[2] The logo also appeared as a vehicle badge in photos of a prototype on the 2020 Golf Mk8.[3]

Volkswagen later revealed in August that their new logo and brand, titled "New Volkswagen" will be officially revealed to the world in September during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The new brand is expected to keep the well-known blue of VW but will also give a new lighter shade to be used with white and dark blue as the brand colours. There will also be a new corporate typeface and the new logo is expected to be installed at the firm's headquarters in Wolfburg. VW also confirmed that the first car to use the new logo will be the upcoming 2020 Golf Mk8.

Their ID.3 electric hatchback, also to be revealed officially in Frankfurt, will have the outgoing logo.[4]


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