M-Net, in response to more demand of teenage television content, launched go as a teen channel on DStv on Channel 84, first broadcast on 1 August 2003. It then moved to Channel 123 as a result of DStv opting to number their channels with 3 digits, i.e from Channel 100 onwards.



M-Net, through MultiChoice, announced that by the end of April, they will terminate the Go channel and introduce its replacement as Vuzu. The new channel began its broadcast on May 1, 2009. The Vuzu logo had the V slanted to the left with "VUZU.TV" textline underneath.


New Vuzu logo

Vuzu was moved at the start of 2018 to DStv channel 116, with the African version of ITV Choice taking over its former channel space. This logo features the "VUZU" byline in sleek slim font against black background.

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