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1984–1995 1995–2002 2002 2002–2006 2006–2010 2010–2011, 2022-present 2011–2022


WBFS-TV 1984

First signed on the air on December 9, 1984 as an independent television station on UHF channel 33, it was originally a low-powered translator of competing independent station WCIX (VHF channel 6, now a CBS-owned-and-operated station as WFOR-TV on channel 4), which its Homestead-based transmitter could not reach northern Broward County, which was positioned farther southwest than the transmitters of other Miami area stations in order to prevent signal interference with WPTV (VHF channel 5) in West Palm Beach and WDBO-TV (VHF channel 6, now WKMG-TV) in Orlando. The station was also first owned by Grant Broadcasting, who would later unable to exit out of debt, forcing the company into receivership in 1989. Combined Broadcasting, a company consisting of executives from the program distributors that Grant owed payments to, took over ownership of WBFS and its sister stations. In 1994, Combined sold channel 33 and sister station WGBS-TV (UHF channel 55, now WPSG) in Philadephia to the Paramount Stations Group (which was soon acquired by former Grant creditor Viacom after it acquired Paramount Pictures that year), which sold its original Philadelphia station, WTXF-TV (UHF channel 29), to Fox Television Stations. Shortly after the purchases, Paramount announced that WBFS and WGBS would join the soon-to-be created United Paramount Network (UPN), which was created through a programming partnership with owner Chris-Craft Industries (Paramount/Viacom itself would not acquire partial ownership of the network until 1996).


WBFS 1995

Paramount's parent company, Viacom purchased CBS Corporation in 2000. The purchased resulted in a duopoly with CBS-owned-and-operated station WFOR-TV, which merged channel 33's operations into its Doral facility.







In early 2006, CBS Corporation and Time Warner announced that UPN and The WB would merge and form The CW. Although WBFS was owned by CBS Corporation, the CW affiliation was given to WSFL, which is owned by Tribune. It was initially expected that WBFS would become an independent station, but a few months before UPN would fold it was announced that the stations would become a MyNetworkTV affiliate.

MyNetworkTV launched in September 2006 and WBFS took the new network's generic branding and started calling itself My33.

2010–2011, 2022-present[]

Wbfs new 2010

Although still an affiliate of MyNetworkTV, WBFS was rebranded as TV33 and removed the "My" branding. This logo was similar to Boston former independent station WSBK-TV "circle 38". On September 19, 2022, WBFS dropped its affiliation with MyNetworkTV, reverting back to TV33.


WBFS My TV 33 2011

WBFS combined its past two brand names into My TV33 the same day its sister station WSBK took the MyNetworkTV affiliation in Boston.

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