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WBZ-TV (Channel 4) first signed on the air on June 9, 1948, as only television station that was built and signed on by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company. The first TV station in Boston, Massachusetts and the 27th in the U.S. was a primary NBC affiliate, which its radio station of the same name, a former-long associated with the Red Network.





1963–1996, 2018[]


The logo design, especially the font (called "Westinghouse" or "Anklepants" (due to a similar typeface) by some people), was originally introduced when then-owner Westinghouse Broadcasting (Group W) introduced its design language in 1963. In 2018, this iconic "4" was revived to celebrate its 70th anniversary.



WBZ (1987)

The "4" became italicized in 1987. Then-sister station KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh would later follow suit in 1991.

On January 2, 1995, in a group deal with then-owner Westinghouse, WBZ-TV switched affiliations with then-CBS affiliate WHDH-TV (VHF channel 7). WBZ would also debut a new tagline called The Tradition Continues when it switched to CBS that year. Westinghouse would later acquire CBS, making WBZ-TV a O&O.


WBZ 1996 1

n the early 1960s, WBZ unveiled a new stylized "4" logo, using a distinctive font that had been designed especially for Group W. The logo became italicized in 1987, but remained the same font. It kept this logo for over 30 years until it unveiled its first "News 4 New England" logo in September 1996, a year and a half after the switch from NBC to CBS.



WBZ 1998

These logos are often referred to on-air by WBZ sports anchor Bob Lobel as "The Circle 4 Ranch". A similar "4" is currently used by NBC affiliate KVOA in Tucson, AZ since 2000.


WBZ 2000 1



WBZ-TV CBS4 2006

WBZ started to use the "CBS 4" brand in 2004, falling it in line with other CBS owned-and-operated stations at that time.


WBZ CBS logo

In 2007, WBZ abandoned its "CBS 4" branding to identify exclusively with its call letters, with WBZ lettering and the CBS eye contained within a series of squares. The color scheme is slightly similar to ITV1 used three years earlier.


WBZ 2011 print

Alongside the introduction of a new set and the CBS O&O graphics package on December 12, 2011, WBZ introduced a logo combining the 2004 "CBS 4" logo with the squared 2007 WBZ lettering below it. However, the "squares" logo continued to be used as a secondary logo during the early 2010s, including certain promotions and on monitors in the station's news set.


WBZ logo


WBZ 2014


WBZ 2011 1


WBZ CBS News Boston 2023
Designer:  CBS News Creative Services
Typography:  TT Norms
Launched:  March 31, 2023

As part of a drastic branding change affecting all of CBS' O&O stations, WBZ began identifying simply by its call letters, implementing a logo consisting of its calls contained within a square, becoming the third ex-Westinghouse Broadcasting-turned-CBS O&O station to cease using a numeral channel identifier in its brand identity.

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