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WDCA-TV signed on as an independent station on April 20, 1966; it was originally owned by the Capitol Broadcasting Corporation. Channel 20 was Washington's third independent station, nearly 20 years younger than its future sister station WTTG, which had been founded as a DuMont affiliate, and after WOOK-TV (now defunct, its channel position is now occupied by WFDC-DT), the nation's first African American-oriented television station.


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Taft Broadcasting sold its independent and Fox-affiliated stations (including WDCA) to the TVX Broadcast Group in February 1987.


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Paramount Pictures purchased a stake in TVX in two phases from 1989 to 1991, which would later become the Paramount Stations Group.


WDCA Paramount 20 (1993).svg

This station's branding is known as "Paramount 20", with the logo design shared with then-sister stations KTXA in Fort Worth-Dallas and KTXH in Houston, both in Texas.


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In 2001, Fox Television Stations, traded KBHK (now KBCW) to Viacom in San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose for KTXH in Houston and WDCA in Washington, D.C., thus WDCA became sister stations with Fox O&O WTTG after the buyout of BHC Communications.


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2002–January 2006

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January–May 2006

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Following the announcement of the shut down of UPN (whose programming would be merged with The WB to form The CW), all Fox-owned UPN stations, including WDCA, dropped the UPN name and logo from their on-air branding. WDCA replaced the UPN logo with "DCA", and rebranded the station as "DCA 20", a throwback to the old "DC 20" branding WDCA carried back when it was still an independent station.

May–June 2006

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With the pending launch of a new Fox-owned network known as MyNetworkTV, WDCA dropped the "DCA" letters and replaced it with the "my" lettering, which would be used in the current logo.

June 2006–2017

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WDCA Fox 5 PLUS.svg

On July 17, 2017, WDCA was rebranded from "My20" to "Fox 5 Plus", in addition, the station also debuted an 8:00pm newscast produced by WTTG. This rebrand was later carried out by sister station and fellow affiliate WRBW in Orlando, Florida.

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