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1967–1978 1978–1983 1983–1989 1989–1995
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1995–1999 1999–2010 January–August 2010 2010–present



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WFOR-TV originally signed on air on September 20, 1967, as WCIX, an independent station on VHF channel 6 owned-and-operated by Coral Television. General Cinema acquired a controlling interest in Coral Television and WCIX in August 1972. This logo was used for the first 22 years of the station's operations, undergoing slight design changes in the ensuing years.


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Note the 33 in the logo, referring to its translator in Hallandale Beach, northwest of Miami. It was shut down in early 1984 to make way for what is now sister station WBFS-TV.


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General Cinema traded WCIX to Taft Broadcasting Corporation in exchange for WGR-TV/WGRZ in Buffalo, New York in early 1983. The station joined as one of the original charter Fox affiliates three years later on October 9, 1986, making it one of a handful of VHF-channel independent stations to become charter affiliates. (but the network itself was failing on channel 6 due to lack of marketing and ad sales) Taft later sold WCIX along with its independent and Fox-affiliated stations to the Norfolk, Virginia-based TVX Broadcast Group in February 1987. They would later sell the station to CBS in August 1988, taking that affiliation away from WTVJ, and sending the Fox affiliation to soon-to-be-former NBC affiliate WSVN on January 1, 1989. The station kept the 1983 logo for five months after the switchover was completed.



Introduced on May 20, 1989




On September 10, 1995, at 1:00 am, WCIX swapped its over-the-air channel position with NBC station WTVJ (who formerly operated that station as a CBS affiliate before 1989), with WCIX moving to channel 4 (adopting the WFOR-TV callsign in the process) and WTVJ moving to channel 6.



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