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WGCL-TV originally signed on the air by the Christian Broadcasting Network on June 6, 1971, as WHAE-TV, a mostly religious independent station on UHF channel 46, though it also aired some low-budget programming.




In 1977, the call letters were changed to WANX-TV as even more secular programming joined the schedule. This logo design was standard across stations owned by Christian Broadcasting Network, including flagship WYAH (now WGNT).



WGNX 1987-95 Logo.svg



Tribune Broadcasting acquired WANX from CBN in 1983, and a year later changed the call letters to WGNX to emphasize its co-ownership with KWGN-TV in Denver, WGNO in New Orleans and flagship station WGN-TV in Chicago.


WGNX 1985.png


Wgnx logo 1987.svg

This logo is a slightly tweaked version of the 1984 logo above. Around the same time, the station developed a news department and began to offer local news.




WGNX 46 1994.svg

WGNX became the CBS affiliate for the Atlanta market in December 1994, after WAGA-TV switched its affiliation to Fox, as part of an affiliation deal with New World Communications. Originally, WGNX was set to affiliate with The WB, as Tribune held a minority stake in that network. The WB affiliation instead ended up on former Fox O&O (and sister station between 1997 and 1998) WATL.


WGNX 1.svg


WGNX46 CBS Atlanta 1999.svg

On August 23, 1998, Tribune Broadcasting announced it would sell WGNX to the Des Moines-based Meredith Corporation for $370 million, as a three-way exchange deal in which Tribune would concurrently acquire Fox affiliate KCPQ in Tacoma, Washington from Kelly Broadcasting – which was in the process of exiting from television, with the concurrent sale of NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento to Hearst-Argyle Television for $370 million.



WGCL-TV CBS Atlanta 46 2000.svg

Around the same time, WGNX changed its branding to "CBS Atlanta". The station changed its callsign to WGCL-TV on July 4, 2000 to reflect its new slogan, "We're Georgia's CLear TV", along with a soft news concept called Clear News. After two years, WGCL rebranded as "CBS Atlanta" again, before re-adopting the "CBS 46" moniker only several months later.


WGCL-TV CBS Clear TV Atlanta 2001.svg


WGCL CBS Atlanta 2002.svg

WGCL dropped the Clear News name in 2002, reverting to the name CBS Atlanta.


CBS 46 Atlanta's NewsChannel.svg

In 2003, the station began branding as "CBS 46" for the second time (the first without the station's call letters prominently accompanying said brand). The logo adopted with the change, which incorporated a modernized version of the 1984–95 numerical logo, was based on that used from 1996 to 1998 by fellow CBS affiliate WIAT (then WBMG) in Birmingham.


WGCL-TV CBS 46 2005.svg


CBS Atlanta.svg

The CBS Atlanta branding returned after six years in 2009. Along with it came a graphics refresh.


WGCL-TV 2014 logo.svg

WGCL returned to the CBS 46 name in 2014, launching a new logo and graphics package (originally designed for the CBS O&Os) at the same time.

Locally based Gray Television announced its intent to purchase the Meredith Local Media division on May 3, 2021, including WGCL and WPCH-TV, for $2.7 billion. The sale was completed on December 1, making WGCL Gray's flagship property and largest station (by market size).

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