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1948–1959 1959–1964 1964–1977 1977–1983 1981–1983
1948–1959 1959–1964 1964–1977 1977–1983 1981–1983
1983–1993 1993–2002 2002–2017 2017–present
1983–1993 1993–2002 2002–2017 2017–present


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On April 5, 1948, WGN-TV signed on the air. On February 6, 1953, CBS moved the remainder of its programming to the rechristened WBBM-TV. On August 6, 1956, WGN-TV became an independent station when DuMont Television Network ceased operations.


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WGN9 logo 1993.svg

The "9" in the 1993-2002 logo is also inverted into a "G" in the black bar with the "WGN" callsign; this logo was used by the national superstation feed of WGN-TV in promos and IDs until 1998, when only the "WGN" portion of the logo began to be used on the superstation feed.


WGN9 Television Chicago.svg

When this logo was introduced in November 2002, the 1998 version of The WB logo was originally placed next to the boxed "9" in the logo. When WGN affiliated with The CW (owned by CBS Corporation and the Warner Bros. Entertainment division of Time Warner, owners of UPN and The WB respectively, and initially featuring some of both networks' programming) in September 2006, the logo was updated to include The CW's logo. A variant without the box "9" and network logo was used on the national superstation feed until 2008, when it rebranded as WGN America; since then, WGN-TV and WGN America do not use similar branding schemes.

WGN disaffiliated from The CW on September 1, 2016, when the affiliation moved to MyNetworkTV station WPWR-TV, making WGN an independent station for the first time in 21 years.


WGN9 Chicago 2017.svg

An entirely new logo design for the station was introduced on May 17, 2017.

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