For logos used on-air by WGN America prior to 1997, see article WGN-TV. The first two logos shown below were used prior to the introduction of separate on-air branding for the WGN superstation feed in 1997 by some cable and satellite providers in print advertisements.
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WGN Superstation 1980s




WGN Entertaining America 1999

This logo was adopted in 1997 as part of the superstation feed's "Entertaining America" campaign; prior to this point, the superstation signal of WGN used the exact same logo and branding as WGN-TV's local Chicago area signal (identifying the superstation feed as either "WGN Channel 9", "WGN" or "Channel 9").

WGN Superstation


WGN Superstation

Superstation WGN


Superstation WGN 2002

This logo was the last one to date used by WGN's national superstation feed to use a variant of the logo used by WGN-TV's local Chicago area feed; in this case, the "arrow 'G'" logo that WGN-TV implemented in November 2002 (which is still used as of January 2011, and is seen nationally only during WGN-TV newscasts), when the above logo also began being used for the national feed.

WGN America


WGN America 2008

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Superstation WGN went through a complete overhaul when it was renamed as "WGN America" in 2008. The logo featured a female's eyes in the logo, and was similar in resemblance to the 1988-1997 logo used by The Movie Channel; sometimes the eyes in the logo would blink in some network promos. This was the first logo used by the superstation feed that did not include a variant of the Chicago area WGN-TV's logo, although the logotype for the "WGN" in the logo was similar to that of the WGN-TV logo.

Brand New ranked this one of the worst logos of 2008.


WGN America 2009

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The logo was simplified in 2009 for four months.


WGN America 2009

WGN America overhauled its logo in April 2009, using this retro-style logo, that is markedly different from the Chicago area WGN-TV's logo.


WGN America 2010

The logo adopted in 2009 was updated the following year in July 2010, with the trapezoid design containing the retro-style "WGN" simplified to three rounded squares.


WGN America 2014

The retro-style logo was replaced in favor of a simplified logo in January 2014, making it the fifth logo used by WGN America that does not use a variant of WGN-TV's logo.

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