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WIN High Definition


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WIN HD was launched as WIN High Definition in 2003 as a part-time HD simulcast of WIN. When HD content was unavailable, it showed a loop of many places in Australia.


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After Nine's relaunch of Nine HD, WIN's high definition simulcast was relaunched with its own branding as WIN HD. From its relaunch until 2009, it featured unique breakaway programming away from Nine/WIN programming. Loops would still show sometimes.


WIN HD 2009.png

With WIN's broadcasting of GO! in 2009, WIN HD was reverted to a high definition simulcast of WIN until it was closed and replaced by GEM on 26 September 2010.

March–June 2016

WIN HD logo2016.png

Along with the regional launch of 9Life, WIN announced its HD revival on channel 80. As a result, 9Gem was reduced to an SD broadcast on channel 82. They also put test patterns on channels 85 and 86 saying that 9Life & WIN HD would be "Coming Soon". The launch of the channel took effect on 1 March 2016. This logo was short lived and was used for only 4 months.

July 2016–2018

WinHD 2016.png

Within 4 months later WIN switched affiliation from the Nine Network to Network Ten. Following this, the WIN logo was retextured to match Ten's and the WIN HD logo was textured to match the Ten HD logo (now 10 HD).


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Nine HD (WIN)


Nine HD logo 2015.png
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As of 2021 WIN's HD service uses the 9HD branding.