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Founded by C. Bruce McConnell—owner of WISH radio (1310 AM, now WTLC)—WISH-TV was the third television station to sign on in the Indianapolis market, after WFBM-TV (channel 6, now WRTV), which signed on in May 1949 and Bloomington-licensed WTTV (channel 10, now on channel 4), which signed on six months later in November 1949. WISH-TV originally operated as a primary ABC affiliate with a secondary affiliation with DuMont Television Network and NBC.

McConnell sold the station to the Indiana Broadcasting Company (later Corinthian Broadcasting, which became a subsidiary of Dun & Bradstreet in 1971) in 1956, the broadcasting subsidiary of J.H. Whitney & Company and owners of WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, and became a CBS affiliate since then.


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The Corinthian stations were sold to Dallas-based Belo in 1983, except for WISH and WANE. Both of the two went to LIN Broadcasting (the predecessor of LIN Media) and WISH became the company's flagship until 1991, when they moved to Providence.


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WISH-TV gained a duopoly when in 2005, the Paramount Stations Group subsidiary of Viacom (currently Paramount) sold UPN O&O WNDY-TV (channel 23, now a MyNetworkTV affiliate) as well as its Columbus, Ohio sister station WWHO to LIN TV for $85 million. After WWHO was sold to Manhan Media (and currently operated by the Sinclair Broadcast Group) in 2011, the WISH/WNDY duopoly was kept.

WISH-TV replaced WTTV as Indianapolis' CW affiliate on January 1, 2015, after Tribune Broadcasting (former owner of WTTV, which took over the CBS affiliation following a dispute between WISH and the network over retransmission revenue sharing) sold the local affiliation rights to Media General (which purchased LIN Media and its stations almost a year ago). Since 2019, WISH-TV/WNDY is owned by Circle City Broadcasting.

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