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1999–2018 2002–2017 2017–2023 2023–present




The station first signed on the air on November 1, 1948, as WAAM, becoming the third television station in Baltimore behind WBAL-TV (channel 11) and WMAR-TV (channel 2), all within just over a year, and also the 42nd in the United States. The station was originally owned by Radio-Television of Baltimore Inc., whose principals were Baltimore businessmen and brothers, Ben and Herman Cohen. Channel 13 was originally an ABC affiliate, the network's fifth outlet to be located on the East Coast. It carried a secondary affiliation with the DuMont Television Network until its closure in 1956. Both affiliations moved from WMAR-TV, which became an exclusive CBS affiliate.






The Westinghouse Electric Corporation purchased WAAM from the Cohen brothers in May 1957. Westinghouse then took control of the station in August of that year, and changed its callsign to WJZ-TV the following month. The WJZ call letters had previously resided on ABC's flagship radio/television combination in New York City, which changed its calls to WABC-AM-FM-TV in 1953. However, Westinghouse's history with that set of call letters went back even further, as it was the original owner of WJZ radio, the flagship station of NBC's The Blue Network, which would eventually become ABC.




The logo design, especially the font (called "Westinghouse" or "Anklepants" (due to a similar typeface) by some people), was originally introduced when then-owner Group W introduced its design language in 1963, and it was the longest-using font for sixty years.

In 1995, CBS entered into an agreement with the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, which owned WJZ-TV and four other stations. This resulted in WJZ-TV switching from ABC to CBS, sending the ABC affiliation to WMAR-TV, and WBAL-TV returning to NBC on January 2, 1995. Westinghouse then bought CBS on November 24, 1995, making WJZ-TV a CBS owned-and-operated station. Notably, this marked the first time that CBS had wholly owned a television station in the Baltimore/Washington corridor; it had been minority owner of WTOP-TV in Washington (now WUSA) from 1950 to 1955.


WJZ 13 1999

Long after the switch to CBS, WJZ-TV modified and softened their Westinghouse typeface to replace the original logo. The old one was still kept as the secondary logo and is currently seen only in its headquarters in Television Hill (Woodberry).

1999–2002 (primary)/2002–2018 (secondary)[]


This variant was still used on the "Manic Monday" segment intro until it was replaced with the 2017 logo in 2018.


WJZ 2002 1

In 2002, the CBS eye was added.


WJZ 13 2017

While keeping the stylized "13", the logo was changed to a silver-and-gold color for the logo with the "WJZ" call letters placed in blocks (similar to its sister station, WBZ-TV).


WJZ-TV CBS News Baltimore logo
Designer:  CBS News Creative Services
Typography:  TT Norms
Launched:  May 11, 2023

WJZ-TV introduced a new logo on May 11, 2023, as part of the rollout of CBS News and Stations' new groupwide branding package; with this, WJZ became the last former Westinghouse station acquired by CBS to cease using Westinghouse's proprietary numerical font or a variant thereof, just what happened with KPIX in San Francisco.

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