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1953–1954 1964–1965 1965–1970 1970–1973 1973–1984 1984–1994
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Originally signed on the air as a primary ABC and secondary DuMont affiliate on October 1953 as WIFE, the station was originally owned by the Skyland Broadcasting Corporation. However, the station went dark on March 20, 1954. In 1961, Skyland sold WIFE to Brush-Moore Newspapers. Brush-Moore would sell the station again in 1963 to the Springfield Television Corporation, owner of WWLP in Springfield, Massachusetts.



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In 1964, the station was renamed as WONE-TV and was still on the same frequency as the original channel 22 but it was still silent.



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In 1965, channel 22 relaunched as WKEF-TV and became a sole ABC affiliate.


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This logo was similar to what WVNY used at one point; the difference, however, is that the 22 has "Dayton" over the channel number both in a circle, thus identifying WKEF as "Dayton 22" at that time.


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WKEF used the logo template used on other Springfield Television stations (see WJZB-TV's logo from this time). On New Year's Day 1980, WKEF and WDTN swapped affiliations, making WKEF the NBC affiliate; WDTN wound up taking the ABC affiliation. In 1984, Springfield Television was sold to Adams Communications.


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During the late 1980s, Adams Communications broke up and WKEF was sold to KT Communications in 1989.


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In 1995, Max Television purchased WKEF from KT.


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After a major improvement during the ownership, Max Television sold WKEF in a group deal to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, operator of then-Fox affiliate WRGT-TV (UHF channel 45) in 1998.




In early 2004, WDTN was involved in a affiliation deal between then-WDTN parent LIN TV and NBC. In response to that deal, Sinclair decided to renew their agreement with ABC which included all of their existing affiliates as well as new affiliation agreements with WKEF and sister station WICS (channel 20) and WICD (channel 15) in Springfield/Decatur/Champaing/Urbana, Illinois to switch to that network. On August 30, 2004, WKEF and WDTN reversed the 1980 affiliation swap, switching WKEF back to ABC. WDTN would return to NBC on the same date.


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