1969–1993 (WLIW(-TV) NET 21: 1969-1970 & PBS: 1970-Present)

The 1969-1993 WLIW21 Logo
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WLIW(-TV) NET-PBS 21 has been Signed on Tuesday January 14, 1969 and it's license city is Garden City, Long Island, New York.


WLIW21 1993


WLIW21 logo


WLIW21 logo 2009

Along with WNET, WLIW21 was/is rebranded in 2009 and changed & moved from Garden City, Long Island as the 1st License City and onto The 2nd & New License City is The City & State of New York and befriend & partnered stations to WNET 13.


WLIW21 logo 2011

The dot above the I was removed in 2011, alongside WNET.

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