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WPIX mid 1950s


WPIX late 1940s


WPIX late 1950s


WPIX early 1960s


WPIX 1966



In 1969, WPIX first introduced the original version of the current "Circle 11" logo; the "11" in the logo closely resembled the World Trade Center, which was not completed until four years later.


WPIX 1976

Beginning in September 1977 and continuing up to 1986, WPIX branded itself as "11 Alive"; the "Alive" branding was made popular by Atlanta, GA's WXIA-TV (as well as other stations owned by WXIA's parent company GANNETT and now as TEGNA), who also started using the "11 Alive" branding within the year before WPIX and continues to use it to this day. The "Circle 11" logo was dropped during this period.


WPIX 1982


WPIX 1985

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In 1984, WPIX brought back it's 1969 logo after an seven-year hiatus, incorporating it into the "11 Alive" branding.







WPIX 1994

During the station's broadcast of the 1994 New York City Marathon, WPIX retired the "Circle 11" logo once again and introduced a new logo that would be used during the station's run as an affiliate of The WB. Though this logo was phased out from regular on-air usage by 1996, the station continued to use this logo in the intro for its 10 p.m. newscast until 1998.


Wpix wb11

On January 11, 1995 WPIX became a charter affiliate of The WB Television Network, becoming one of the DE-facto flagship stations of the network through parent Tribune Company's minority stake in the network as THE WB11. The logo introduced in 1994 was then modified to include The WB's logo to reflect the change. A variant without The WB logo was still used on the WPIX Plaza in New York until 2018.


WPIX WB11 2000

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In 1999, the 1995 version of the WPIX logo was modified slightly, removing the "THE" box on the left side of The WB logo.


CW11 logo 2006

In 2006, The WB and UPN announced that they would merge their programming into a new network called The CW; WPIX became a charter affiliate of The CW on September 18 of that year. KPLR-TV also used this logo during that time.


October–December 2008

WPIX 2008

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In October 2008, WPIX temporarily re-branded as "WPIX 11" and reintroduced the "Circle 11" logo for the third time after a fourteen-year hiatus (using a modified version featuring the 1994-2006 "11" logo) as part of a company-wide re-branding that saw most of Tribune's CW affiliates de-emphasize The CW name and logo from their branding.

December 2008–2017


Two months after dropping the CW branding from its official logo and re-branding as "WPIX 11", WPIX changed its branding again to "PIX 11".


PIX11 2017

The logo was slightly tweaked while keeping the Circle 11 the same. In December 2018, Nexstar Media announced that it would acquire Tribune Broadcasting. However, it also divested 19 stations in order to comply with FCC ownership regulations and obtain approval by both the Department of Justice and the FCC. It was approved on September 16, 2019 and WPIX was sold to the E. W. Scripps Company three days later, making it the first ownership change since the station's sign-on.

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