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1965 1965–1977 1977–1978 1978 1978–1979 1979–1989 1989–1992
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The station first signed on the air on July 18, 1965, as WLCY-TV. It was owned by Rahall Communications, along with WLCY radio (1380 AM, now WWMI; and 94.9 FM, now WWRM). The station was affiliated with ABC, but spent its first month-and-a-half of operation as an independent station, as previous ABC affiliate WSUN-TV (channel 38; frequency now occupied by WTTA) went to court to keep the affiliation. The city of St. Petersburg, owners of WSUN-TV, had been one of the applicants for the Channel 10 license, having jumped in out of fear of losing its ABC affiliation. WLCY ultimately won and formally switched to ABC in a special ceremony on September 1, 1965.


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In 1977, WLCY-TV was purchased by Dallas, Texas-based Gulf United Broadcasting. New owner Alan Henry (of WINS New York fame), general manager Larry Clamage, and news director George "Bud" Faulder began to turn the station around, changing the call letters to WTSP-TV on September 12, 1978, and hiring several new on-air staff members who changed the face of the station.


WTSP 10 Sunset 1979 standalone.svg

This logo debuted on June 10, 1979, and was shared with then-sister station KTSP-TV (now KSAZ-TV) in Phoenix from 1982 onward. WTSP and KTSP were both owned simultaneously at one point by Gulf Broadcasting. One of the images above use ABC's "Together" slogan from 1986–1987.


WTSP 10-1989.svg

1992–1994 (primary), 1992–2002 (secondary)

WTSP 1992 to 2002.svg

The "10" design is similar to WALA-TV in Mobile–Pensacola, and WCAU in Philadelphia.


WTSP 2.svg

In 1994, then-CBS affiliate WTVT, switched to Fox after an affiliation deal was made with then-owner New World Communications. As a result, CBS was forced to find a new station in Tampa, which was WTSP. ABC made the move to former Fox affiliate WFTS-TV. The previous logo was simply modified to include the CBS eyemark as a result. The station also got a new tagline, Keep your eye on 10!

2002–2008, 2010–2020


In 2010, WTSP reverted to the 2002 logo.


WTSP 10 Connects.svg

The 2008 logo is a simplified version of the 2002 logo. That logo only lasted for 2 years before they reverted the previous logo in 2010.

2017–present (secondary)

WTSP CBS 10 Tampa Bay.svg

Similar to the 2002 logo, but now rendered negative and inside a box.


WTSP 10 Tampa Bay 2020.svg
Designer:  Matchstic
Typography:  Integral CF Ultra Bold (Tampa Bay)
Launched:  April 10, 2020

On April 10, 2020, WTSP introduced a new logo (designed by Atlanta-based design firm Matchstic[1], who had also created an identity for sister station WXIA-TV in 2019) with a retro style to it and rebranding itself as "10 Tampa Bay". This logo is a variant of the logo that has been used by Australian TV network Network 10 since October 2018; both CBS and Network 10 are owned by Paramount, which also owns nearby CW station WTOG. The logo also looks similar to the WJAR logo from the 1980s, although having multiple lines instead of one.


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