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WTVJ originally signed on the air on March 21, 1949, as a CBS affiliate and the first television in Miami on channel 4. It was originally owned by Wometco Enterprises (ran by the Wolfson family).


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WTVJ standalone


WTVJ 1964 logo


WTVJ Classic 4



This logo retained the "4" design of the previous logo; only in a rounded square instead of a circle. This logo would often be shown in an italicized format (often on intros for the station's newscasts). WTVJ, along with other stations that were owned by Wometco, was later purchased by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 1984, and would later put the station up for sale in 1986. Then, General Electric, NBC's corporate parent, purchased WTVJ in September 1987, making it the secondary NBC affiliate alongside the existing CBS one. They kept their existing CBS affiliation per their original contract until it expired on New Year's Eve (December 31, 1988), with the official switch on New Year's Day in 1989.


WTVJ 1989

Though the previous logo rarely continues to be in use, this logo began to appear a year after NBC purchased WTVJ from Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. The underlying shape of this "4" is the same as its predecessor. During its first year of use, only the "4" itself was used during its final years as a CBS affiliate; after the switch in 1989, the peacock began to appear near it.

On January 1, 1989, at 3 am, WTVJ, WCIX (channel 6, now WFOR-TV, channel 4) and WSVN (channel 7) made a three-way affiliation swap that saw NBC programming move to WTVJ following the network's purchase of the station in 1987, which sent the CBS affiliation to WCIX following its purchase of channel 6 in 1988, with WSVN becoming a Fox affiliate.



The modified "4" from 1988 was replaced by the one influenced by its sister station WNBC in New York City in December 1992. The "4" was also shared with sister stations KNBC in Los Angeles, WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., and until 1995, KCNC-TV in Denver.

April–September 1995

Between April and September 10, 1995, WTVJ used these secondary logos. The "Channel 4 News" logo continued to be used on the station's newscasts until that date.

1995–2009 (primary), 2009-2012 (secondary)

On September 10, 1995, WTVJ swapped its over-the-air channel position with CBS O&O station WCIX, with WCIX moving to channel 4 (and changing their call letters to WFOR-TV) and WTVJ moving to channel 6. They were retained this logo as a secondary one until 2012.


WTVJ NBC 6 logo 2009


WTVJ (2012 - Flat)

On July 18, 2012, WTVJ was rebranded "NBC 6 South Florida". The rebrand featured a new expansive set designed by Clickspring, new NBC Artwork's Look F graphics package which varies depending on the time of day, and a new custom music package with the NBC signature. Below are demonstrations of the new on-air look. The 6 used from this point is similar in style to the 6 used on rival WCIX from 1989 to 1995 before the two stations swapped frequencies.

WTVJ news opens

WTVJ news opens

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