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1955–1963 1963–1966 1966–1975 1976–1978 1978–1989
1955–1963 1963–1966 1966–1975 1976–1978 1978–1989
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1989–1997 1997–2006 2005–2020 2020-present


WTVT-TV's Channel 13 Video ID From 1955.jpg

The station first signed on the air on April 1, 1955, as a primary CBS affiliate on VHF channel 13 and the third television station in Tampa Bay.


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This colorful logo debuted in the 1966-67 Season and was used until December 31, 1975. It is interesting to observe that the CBS eye is no longer a part of the graphic; this was the result of an eviction from CBS to separate the non-O&O CBS station's news from being confused with the CBS network news operations. This 'unbranding' lasted for many years until competition from cable and satellite made CBS and the other networks urge affiliates to reincorporate the network ID into local promotion and news.


WTVT 13 (1976).svg

1976 was America's Bicentennial. In honor of the year, 'Big 13' becomes the 'Original 13.' The logo consisted of a white circle with a blue 13 in it, surrounded by 13 red stars. Coincidentally, WTVT's former analog channel position coincides with the 13 stars.


WTVT 1978.svg




This logo was introduced when WTVT's newscast was rebranded from Pulse 13 to Channel 13 Eyewitness News. It is also similar to the one used by KERA-TV in Dallas–Fort Worth. On December 12, 1994, WTVT switched affiliations from CBS to Fox following a deal with New World Communications and the Fox Broadcasting Company to affiliate all New World stations with Fox, sending CBS programming to then-ABC affiliate WTSP, who would later move to outgoing Fox affiliate WFTS-TV via an affiliation deal with The E.W. Scripps Company. The above logo was used as an alternate logo from that time until it was retired. Fox Television Stations became the owner and operator in 1997 when New World was sold to News Corporation. By that time after the switch, it would later adopt the Fox 13 branding, used in-line with the "Eyewitness News" branding for its newscast until it adopted the current title Fox 13 News.


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WTVT 3.svg

WTVT was the first Fox O&O station to use a logo in this style. This logo was originally used as a proprietary logo for the station's 11 pm newscast Fox 13 NewsEdge from December 2005 until February 2006, when it came into full-time use with the implementation of the first generation of Fox Television Stations' standardized graphics package.

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