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WUPA started off in 1980 as WVEU, a station which aired music videos. The station took the on-air name VEU, which can slightly be seen in the above logo aka WVEU-TV 69.



1986–Summer 1995 (WVEU-TV Ind.-CBS 69)


Summer 1995–2001

WUPA UPN 69 1995

WVEU became the charter UPN flagship station upon the network's launch (debut) on January 16, 1995. The station then adopted the name UPN 69. In the summer of that year after the station's owners, Ellis Communications sold WVEU to Viacom's Paramount Stations Group in exchange for KSLA-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana & the station changed it's callsign to WUPA for UPN Atlanta.


Wupa69 upn atlanta


Wupa upn69 atlanta

In 2002, UPN unveiled a new logo and WUPA introduced this new identity which eschewed the channel number in favor of UPN Atlanta.


WUPA 2006-2008 logo

In 2006, UPN and The WB were merged to form The CW. WUPA joined The CW despite the presence of a Tribune-owned WB affiliate, WATL. Tribune had agreed to sign their WB affiliates to The CW, except in Atlanta and Seattle where Viacom/CBS had strong UPN O&Os.


CW69 Logo
CW69 Logo (2)

The channel number returned to the station's identity in 2008, after a six-year absence.

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