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WVEC 1953 logo.png


WVEC 1960s logo.png

On November 13, 1959, WVEC moved from channel 15 (a UHF channel; at the time televisions weren't required to carry UHF tuners) to channel 13 (a VHF frequency). Also, WVEC swapped affiliation with WAVY-TV to ABC.




WVEC 1970s-0.png


WVEC 1970s.png


WVEC-TV 13 1981 Logo.svg

A logo design similar to WVEC's logo was used at other Corinthian Broadcasting-owned stations, including KXTV, KHOU and WANE-TV. The Corinthian station group was sold to the A.H. Belo Corporation in 1984. This logo was used for the first "Spirit of Hampton Roads" image campaign.


WVEC 1992.png

In September 1992, WVEC revamped their "Spirit of Hampton Roads" image campaign with a new logo/graphics package and theme.


WVEC 1996.png

WVEC dropped the "Spirit of Hampton Roads" image campaign in October 1996 with this new logo. The new image kept the blue-and-white "13" square but completely redid the logo's design in Garamond font.


WVEC 2001.png

Eventually, WVEC changed the blue-and-white colors to blue-and-gold, while also putting the words "WVEC" in a new font.


WVEC spirit 2004.png

Meanwhile, on New Year's Eve 2003, WVEC temporarily reintroduced the "Spirit of Hampton Roads" image campaign with this logo, until 2008, after WVEC ditched Convergence by Stephen Arnold Music with Propulsion by 615 Music, which was also used by its sister station WFAA.


WVEC 2009.png

WVEC phased in the "Your Local News Leader" image in 2009 with this new "circle 13."


WVEC 2018.svg

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