This article is about WWOR-TV on channel 9 in New York. For the station in Worcester, Massachusetts which previously used that call sign, see WJZB-TV. For the EMI service, see WWOR EMI Service.
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WWOR-TV originally signed on the air on October 11, 1949 as WOR-TV, an independent station on VHF channel 9.




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1970–April 1987

WOR-TV 1971.svg

This logo was designed by Mike Shenon & Richard Luppi.


April–September 1987

WWOR-TV Apr-Sep 1987.svg

On April 29, 1987, shortly after channel 9 was purchased by MCA (parent company of Universal Pictures) from RKO, the station added an extra W to its callsign, becoming WWOR-TV. Upon the change, the station abandoned its 'dotted 9' logo and went to this block 9, using it as a placeholder logo until that fall, when the next logo was introduced.

September 1987–1995

WWOR 9 1987.svg

Created in April 1987 and introduced that September, it consists of a silver 9, with underneath "WWOR-TV SECAUCUS, NJ". Sometimes, it would show the words underneath "FROM RKO BROADCASTING". A later variant from 1995/1996 shows a UPN byline.


WWOR 1.svg

Upon joining the new UPN network as an O&O and flagship station on January 16, 1995, WWOR-TV introduced a modernized version of its 1970-87 'dotted 9' logo. In 2001, BHC Communications, (including WWOR) was purchased by News Corporation's Fox Television Stations division. This made WWOR a sister station to Fox's flagship station and longtime rival WNYW.

2002–February 2006

WWOR (2002).svg

February–April 2006

WWOR (22006).svg

Following the announcement of the shut down of UPN (whose programming would be merged with The WB to form The CW), all Fox-owned UPN stations, including WWOR, dropped the UPN name and logo from their on-air branding. WWOR reverted to their former "Channel 9" branding with a new logo (an altered version of the 2002 "UPN9" logo with a red stripe where the UPN logo was located).

April–June 2006

WWOR My 9 (April-June 2006).svg

With the pending launch of a new Fox-owned network known as MyNetworkTV, WWOR dropped the "Channel 9" logo and began branding as "My 9" in April 2006, adopting this placeholder logo during New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets games and once again altered their news open. Note that the "9" square was changed after five years from a white background to a red logo despite keeping the same font.

June 2006–present

WWOR-TV logo.svg