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1929–1937 1937–1948 1948–1979 1979–1983
1929–1937 1937–1948 1948–1979 1979–1983
1983–1985 1985–2007 2006–2011, 2011–present (secondary) 2011–present
1983–1985 1985–2007 2006–2011, 2011–present (secondary) 2011–present

Walt Disney Productions


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Walt Disney Logo 1937.svg


Walt Disney Logo 1951.svg

This logo was still used on films following Walt Disney's death in 1966 until it was discontinued in 1979.


Walt Disney.svg

Walt Disney Pictures/Disney


Walt Disney.svg

Same to Walt Disney Productions in 1979, Disney directly used the "Walt Disney" text only logo to present titles from Walt Disney Pictures. The name would only be used for live-action productions at that time but animated features would use the WDP name instead.


Walt Disney Pictures 1985.svg

In 1986, Walt Disney Productions was relauched as The Walt Disney Company as part of a massive restructuring of the company. WDP's theatrical film and animation units were folded into a division known as The Walt Disney Studios while WDP's animation branch was later split out into Walt Disney Feature Animation. Though the current logo was introduced in 2006, this logo continued to be used on movie posters and other merchandise until it was completely retired by mid-2007, such as Ratatouille, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End for example.


2006–2011, 2011–present (secondary)

Walt Disney Pictures logo.svg

On July 7, 2006, with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Disney introduced an all-new Walt Disney Pictures logo. It was introduced on June 24, 2006, and wasn't used until July 7, 2006, however, the previous logo was still used on posters (as print logo) until September 28, 2007. it was discontinued in Fall 2011 when The Muppets (2011 film) was released. However, it's still used on production files of Disney films, and as a secondary logo.


Walt Disney Pictures 2011.svg

Same as the 2006 logo, but it only had "Disney" below the castle. It was introduced in Fall 2011, and it's still used as of today, even on Pixar movies.

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