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{{Primary Logos}}
{{Primary Logos}}
==Walt Disney Home Entertainment (first era)==
[[File:Walt Disney Logo 1978.jpg|200px|center]]
This version has a silhouette of [[wikipedia:Mickey Mouse|Mickey Mouse]] in the background, which is known as "Neon Mickey" to many video collectors.
[[File:Disney HE logo.gif|centre|thumb|225x225px]]
This was used for titles released by [[MCA DiscoVision]] from 1978 to 1979.
== Walt Disney Home Video ==
== Walt Disney Home Video ==

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This page only shows primary logo variants.
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Walt Disney Home Video


Walt Disney Home Video 1980
Screenshot 2016-04-30-12-50-47 kindlephoto-55977958
Walt Disney Home Video Sorcerer Mickey


Walt Disney Home Video

Logo with the castle symbol, only on the Lion King II VHS

This logo was used as a print logo. Used on VHS, Laserdisc and some early DVD releases.

Walt Disney Home Entertainment (second/last era)


Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment


Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment logo

This logo is similar to the Walt Disney Pictures 2006 logo.



Walt Disney Pictures 2011 logo-0

Although this variation appeared as their on-screen logo on most video releases, Disney did not use a print media version until 2011.

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