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1960–1967 1967–1970 1970–1972 1972–1984 1984–1986, 2010–2013
1960–1967 1967–1970 1970–1972 1972–1984 1984–1986, 2010–2013
1990–1995 2003–2014, 2020-2022 2010–present 2024 (tentative)
1990–1995 2003–2014, 2020-2022 2010–present 2024 (tentative)

Warner Bros. Television Division[]


Warner Bros 1950s print

For the animated productions it used the same closing sequence as the live-action shows, with the only difference that Bugs Bunny (or any other character from Looney Tunes) would pop up behind the shield.

Warner Bros.-Seven Arts[]


Warner Bros.-Seven Arts

Warner Bros. Television[]


Warner bros-1970


Warner Bros Television 1972
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1984–1986, 2010–2013[]

Warner Bros.

This logo was later reused in MAD episodes.

Warner Bros. Animation[]

1990–1995, 2003–2014, 2020–2022[]


Warner Bros. Animation 1990-1995
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This logo debuted in Tiny Toon Adventures and it was used until 1995, when most animated shows started to be produced by Warner Bros. Television Animation.

2003–2014, 2020–2022[]

Warner Bros Animation Logo 2003-2014
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After Warner Bros. Television Animation went defunct, Warner Bros. Animation was revived in 2003. This logo debuted in What's New, Scooby-Doo? and Teen Titans, it was used along with the logo below until 2014. However, this logo is still seen on the Warner Bros. website as of 2020 until it last used in 2022.


Warner Bros. Animation

The current logo was introduced as an opening logo to Reel FX's Looney Tunes shorts from 2010, before being the current closing logo in 2014.

2024 (tentative)[]

Warner Bros. Animation 2024

This logo first appeared in the teaser trailer for Watchmen Chapter I & II.[1]

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