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Warner Bros. 2019.svg
Designer:  Emily Oberman (from Pentagram)
Typography:  Warner Bros. Sans
Launched:  Unknown

Warner Bros. revealed a new logo on November 13, 2019, created by Pentagram. The new logo is a refinement and modernization of the iconic Warner Bros. shield that has been part of the company's visual identity since its founding in 1923. The new Warner Bros. shield logo was introduced on Tenet in 2020 as a prototype, which reused assets from the 1998 logo, until being given a cleaned up, proper animation on the HBO Max original movie Locked Down in 2021.[1][2] The shield is reminiscent of the shield used by Warner Bros. Records from 2003 (around the time it broke up from Time Warner, now WarnerMedia) until it became Warner Records in May 2019.

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